Boreal Infusion

Willow bark, Labrador Tea leaf, Juniper berries and Crampbark (or high-bush cranberry bark). All excellent anti-inflammatories. Great for sore muscles and arthritis. This is why I made this boreal oil infusion. To make a rub for my back and joints. Plus it smells incredible.

I love plants and their full-body experience. The relationships built with each plant gathered. The time it takes to preserve the plants and learn about the best methods for applying them. The way we are wrapped up into our medicine. What a treasure.

For a sensitive, intimate person like myself, there is no better experience. And I believe more of us would feel the same. Eating the food we grow or forage. Cooking our own food. All the stages of self-sufficiency bring us together in more unity with the earth and each other. img_5334


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