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Yarrow, Achillea millefolium

Delicate in nature, yet so powerful in action. Yarrow is a wild plant that is resilient beyond belief. Once it finds a home, it will endure every kind of abuse. It’s bitter nature stimulates the body to action. Yarrow has a sweet, soft aroma and can be harvested throughout the entire growing season. We have used it in countless ways. From treating skin wounds to drinking as a warming tea in the winter. It aids in depression and slow digestion.

Our rabbits treat it as a highly prized treat. I have also made it into a brew for beer. It’s uses continue to expand into all areas of our life. ¬†When left, it will expand into the garden and your body with welcome beauty.

I have a new tea mix this winter that combines the digestive action of Mint and Yarrow with the antioxidant strength of Goldenrod. A delicious blend that keeps not only the body fighting against the common cold and sluggish digestion, but also the mind and spirit against the common emotional lows of the winter months.